Pet Car Back Seat Cover Protector Hammock Convertible


Pet Car Back Seat Cover Protector Hammock Convertible


Let Your Pets Ride With You!



We HAVE large dogs so we KNOW exactly what your needs are. 

Heavy-duty Material

Our waterproof seat cover is made out of three strong layers to offer durability, comfort and protection to keep your car safe from claws, dirt and stains.

  • First Layer:  600D Oxford
  • Second Layer: 120 GSM Foam
  • Third Layer: Anti-slip Fabric 

This waterproof cover is machine washable under low heat temperature, for better results sun dry your cover.

Easy to Assemble and Remove If Needed – Foldable
It takes seconds to assemble and to remove your cover, if needed.  Shake off the dirt and fold it so you can use it again.  To save time you can clean it with a wet towel or simply put it in your washing machine and let it do the dirty job.

(1) Rear View Net and (2) Side Flaps

Top Features

Clear Rear Net Window

  • You see your pet and your pet sees you. 
  • Excellent air conditioning circulation for a calm & happy pet.
  • Creates a barrier between the back seat and the armrest.

Side Flaps

  • Protects the side of the back seat.
  • Works great for large dogs that jump in the car. 

(4) Elastic Straps and (2) Seat Anchors

Seat Anchors

  • Keep the protective cover from moving around when your dogs move or jump into the vehicle.
  • Two thick and strong anchors that provides a secure and strong fit.

Elastic Straps

  • Four elastic straps that will cover the back seat of any vehicle by attaching the cover to corners of the back seat.
  • Provides a secure fit, limiting the movement of the protective cover when large pets jump into the car.

Offers Coverage and a Secure Fit
With universal measurements, our cover ensures maximum coverage for the back seat of any vehicle by providing a secure fit.

Adjust your cover to vehicle’s size using the buckle straps, securely anchor in the back seat and place all four straps around the corners of the backseat to prevent the cover from moving around.  Use as a hammock by fastening all four buckles or simply use it as a seat protector.

(4) Adjustable Buckle Straps and (2) Seat Belt Openings

We Love Our Dogs As Much As You Love Yours, Which Is Why Their Comfort & Safety Is Our Priority!

Car size will not be an issue, this pet seat cover will work for you and your pet. Please adjust the buckle straps to your fully cover your car.

  • Four adjustable buckle straps
  • Four elastic straps
  • Two anchors
  • Two seat belt openings
  • Two Side flaps
  • Rear Window

Try our pet seat cover and see how easier life gets.

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