About ZPAW

Our Story

Out of 24 hours, we spend about 23 hours with our dogs. Our motto became to “never leave them behind,” so we take our dogs everywhere we go. Whether it’s hiking, paddle boarding or swimming, our two dogs always join us for the adventure.

One day we started noticing that Ozzy, our 4-year old dog, was having a hard time getting up, he was limping and you could tell he was in pain. After taking him to the veterinary, we found he had osteoarthritis, so we started administering glucosamine. Even though the tablets we bought him were supposed to have a great flavor dogs loved, Ozzy truly disliked taking this medicine. We didn’t like forcing him to eat the tablets but we also didn’t want to see him in pain. That’s when we knew we had to think of a better option, something that tasted and looked like a delicious treat but served the purpose of a tablet or pill.

We spent hours of research and conversations with multiple veterinaries as we knew that the quality of our products would result in the quality of our pet’s lives. We truly believe that everything our dogs eat is reflected in their happiness, their health and energy levels. This is why we formulated top-grade supplements that our picky dogs love allowing them to continue joining us for amazing adventures.

Our Mission

We make each product with love and integrity for every pet around the world, providing high-quality ingredients that cause no unnecessary harm to the environment.

We strive to grow our business by creating and promoting a better everyday life for pets, while using it as an inspiration to implement solutions that are socially and environmentally conscious.

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