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"This product is amazing!! I have a Great Dane that has always had issues with a red and irritated stomach. I have tried everything; Benadryl, prescription meds, lots of allergy testing. I had just given up. Then I ran onto this on amazon and decided to try it. Within a month it is almost gone. We will always use this product."
Pam Douglason
April 10, 2018
"We started using these as an alternative to liquid fish oil having to be mixed into our dog's food. He gets two chews each night before his meal and he loves them. Easy peasy."
Amazon Customer
April 1, 2018
"My dog actually eats these without a fuss. Older mixed breed with some arthritis and stiff joints, we tried a few other brands but these did the trick with only 2 chews per day instead of 6-10 like other brands."
Amazon Customer
January 3, 2018

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